In the spring of 1992 a conflict, sometimes referred to as the war of TransDniestria, occurred in the TransDniestrian region of Moldvoa. Russia’s 14th army was based in TransDniestria. Cossacks (many from Russia) travelled to TransDniestria to fight alongside TransDniestrians who wanted to break away from Moldova. The two sides were separated by the Dniester river. Some of the worst fighting occurred in June in the TransDniestrian city Bendery (Bender), leaving an estimated 300 dead. A ceasefire agreement was signed in July 1992 but TransDniestria remained one of the “frozen conflicts” from the collapse of the Soviet Union. I visited Moldova in the spring and summer of 1992 and wrote about this in chapter 8 of Picnic at the Iron Curtain.


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